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Preparing for WC Softball 2014 in Prague

Thanks to the Czech Softball Federation and president Gabriel Waage the Russian National Team and Team New Zeeland will lay a tournament in Prague on August 9 & 10 in preparation of the Women's World Championship Softball in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Creditcards in the Netherlands

As some of you may have experienced already the credit cards most accepted in the Netherlands are Visa and Mastercard. Our e-ticket system for example does not support American Express. This will also be the case once you get to the ball park.

Team Hotels set

All sixteen participants in the XIV ISF World Championship Softball are seatled for the event in either a hotel in Haarlem or a hotel in neighbouring Haarlemmermeer.

Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem hosts nine national teams, including reigning world champion Japan, runner up USA and topteams like Australia and Canada.

How to get to the venue - Parking

Currently we get a lot of questions regarding parking and how to get to the venue. We are, in cooperation with the police and the municipality of Haarlem, working on a traffic plan.