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Japan Champions

August 24 - Japan extended her World title by beating USA 4-1. From the first innings, Japan took a  lead which was held until the end of the game. 

Australia gets bronze

August 24 - Team USA reached the finals of the Championship by beating Australia 8-1 in 6 innings. Team USA will play Japan to decide who will be crowned champions of the world. Australia will receive bronze. 

Final day

August 23 - Last night (or rather early this morning) Australia secured their place in the semi final against team USA. This game will be played at 12:00. The winner will take on Japan in the final, the loser will receive the bronze. Tickets are still available at the ball park. We hope to receive you. 

First finalist known

August 23 - Japan is the first finalist of the 14th World Championship Softball. Japan beat team USA 6-1. Team USA will get another change tomorrow to reach the finals. They will have to beat the winner of the game Canada - Australia. This game is still being played at the moment.